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OM Jewelry is a distinguished diamond jewelry manufacturing company and an affiliate of Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds, a national leader in diamond distribution. Our global partnerships enable us to deliver the best values in the industry.
Our niche is providing basic diamond essentials to America’s top independent jewelry stores. We take great pride in our commitment to their success. Our programs are built with intention; by integrating strategy into product development, combined with superior quality, competitive pricing and unparalleled service -- OM Jewelry empowers our retail partners to grow stronger and more profitable.


We sell at minimum 20% less than other manufacturers and we are known for building the best quality basics industry-wide at a competitive price.


Our diamond studs are the most consistent in the market and are hand-picked for brilliance and beauty. We educate you not to ship for diamond studs by the letters of the alphabet and to compare goods to make sure you're getting exactly what you're paying for.


We build our product with the retailer in mind. Many manufacturers sell wedding bands, but we have built a fit band to match with 90% of your engagement rings allowing you to buy less and sell more. This is just one example of how we think differently as a manufacturer.


We back stock all product and can ship the same day you sell, allowing you to never have empty space in your showcase. We strive to be your best turning product store-wide.


Everything is programmed in custom displays to make the selling process simple. Each style is offered in multiple carat weights to satisfy every price point. We want to increase your upsells to consumers and provide you tools to make the consumer more easily say "YES".

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